The Office of the Board of Studies is fully committed to ensuring its websites are accessible and inclusive for all its users.

Web accessibility means that all users, regardless of their physical and mental capability, are able to access the content and services on the websites.

Our aim has been to make HSC: All My Own Work accessible to everyone who is interested in using the site. Its design and build has taken into account the guidelines of the WC3 Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)

These guidelines include:
Access Keys

Our main navigation options have been assigned keyboard access keys for users who do not use pointing devices (such as a mouse).

The list below provides the access keys with the section they navigate to.

In Internet Explorer, press the 'Alt' key plus the access key, and then press return. If you use a different internet browser, please refer to its help documentation.

On machines running MS Windows, one generally has to press the 'alt' key in addition to the access key. On Apple systems, one generally has to press the 'control' key in addition to the access key.

Browser support

This website operates on a wide range of browsers on PC operating systems. We have tried to make it as compatible as possible with current browsers on Windows and Mac OSX.

Text size

To enlarge or reduce the text size on this site in your browser please use the common default methods.

These text resizing options often have key shortcuts using the 'alt' or 'control' key with the addition key to make the text bigger, and the 'alt' or 'control' key together with the subtraction key to make the text smaller. On Apple systems the equivalent to the alt key is the 'Apple', 'cloverleaf' or 'cmd' key.

If you use a different internet browser, please refer to its help documentation.

Printable documents

On each page we provide a "Print this Page" button. It is a JavaScript that uses your default browser print function.

However we also provide all content in downloadable PDF file form as well.

The Adobe Acrobat Portable Document files (PDF) contain documents as they have been laid out in printed form, along with tables and/or graphics.

Adobe Acrobat

In order to use some parts of this site, a PDF reader may be required. We would suggest using Adobe Acrobat. This is free to download and install.

Get Acrobat Reader Get Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The installation instructions come with the installer, but once you have selected the version you need, click the Download button, save the file to your hard drive (to your Program Files folder).

When it is finished downloading (which should take no more than 10 or 15 minutes), go offline and find the file (called AdbeRdr705_enu_full.exe or something similar) and double-click it to install.

Are you having problems viewing Acrobat PDF files, here's a hint!

Try this. Instead of left-clicking on the link to launch Acrobat Reader and open the PDF document, right-click on the link and select SAVE TARGET AS...

Save the PDF file to your hard drive (somewhere you can find it) and then quit your browser, go offline and double-click the PDF to open it.

It is a more trouble-free way of downloading the file, making it easier to open again later without going online to find it, and it prints more effectively.


Several functions on our website do use JavaScript. They have been designed to be as practical as possible for the majority of users. However, JavaScript does present accessibility problems to some users so we have ensured that there is a link to support (Get Help) at the top of the site. This allows the user to contact the Office of the Board of Studies NSW directly.


Where we have audio and video clips they are provided in common media formats and we have tried to make them suitable for a variety of different connection types and speeds.

We have provided transcripts of audio and video clips where possible.

We have provided transcripts or print versions of all Flash content where possible.


In order to use some parts of this site, Apple Quicktime may be required. This is free to download and install.

Get QuickTime Player.


We welcome your feedback and suggestions for improvement to our website. Please send your comments to

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